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Yuki is not my real name as I'm actually from Europe.
But I like to go by that name online, nothing wrong with that i hope.

I don't use LJ anymore so feel free to visit my:


Oct 25 10 - Tumblr
super gals

Add me and tell me your tumblrs too 
Sep 27 10 - Blogspot
super gals

From now on I'll write everything gyaru-related there
and keep this as my private blog.

I've had blogspot a while now
but started blogging in English now. ^^
super gals


Today I'll introduce my make up
and how it looks with only eyeshadow on

I'm used to wearing so much make that
whenever i see myself without make it looks weird

But this is my eye with makeup

Much better isn't it?

This is what I use daily

They are all cheap eyeshadows

The most expensive was probably the one on the bottom
which was from H&M

Firstly i put on gold eyeshadow till my eyebrows.
And then i add darker ones to where my eyeball is
I also use black eyeshadow in the corners
to make eyeliner
 look more natural and blended  

All in all it's just basic knowledge

Sep 17 10 - *Maths!!* [food, pictures]
super gals

I spent today studying maths.
We left school at 11.30 to start studying lol.
Well i did go to latin and english haha.

Well first we went to shops
Later me and Kiku tried to study at library
but got tired and went home.

A picture i took in school yesterday

I love my new lashes so much
Well im actually wearing 3 pairs..lol

But I love how they turned out  

Anyway I made muffinsッッ★

Took them to Kairi's place to help us study

It went really well this time


Still im too scared to go to sleep

I mean I almost dropped out of school because of maths last year. 

I'll do my best tomorrow
And after that we're going to celebrate at Tallinn!

Can't wait
super gals
 I feel like i haven't posted anything interesting for a while  

So today i will introduce my make-up techniqu

But sadly
you can hardy see the eyeshadow.

I used more dark brown than i usually do
And i bought orange blush for myself
Here im still wearing pink tho
Will take pics with my new blush soon.

And that's what i wore

Clearly I've been watching too much anime
So i wanted to look like an anime character today

This is what i bought
Warm socks and blush
I also bought a birthday present for my friend Helen

That's all for now!
Sep 10 10 - Goodmorning★ [anime, school]
super gals

I did wake up at 5:40 am as promised
Still didn't make it to first lesson, lol.
I never do
Well we're allowed to be absent so it's okay.
But i actually like being at school.
Our class is pretty cool.
But I still miss seniors from last year...

I finished all 3 summaries for literature tho
Now I should actually read the books...lol.

Me and Kiku at school camp 

Anyway I found new anime im going to watch
when i get back from school today
It's called 07-GHOST

And i still want to continur watching onepiece
I'm so into anime these days lol.
I watch it every morning when i eat breakfast

Okay I'll start doing my makeup now.
See you later!
super gals

It's only wednesday but im tired of school

I feel like putting on something extremly plain and comfortable
and waiting till the day is over

But i don't have cute gym clothes

Today i wore my schoolgirl uniform

It's very comfy too but the socks bother me lol

Maybe I'll wear leggings and some cardigan tomorrow~
And possibly uggs

Now I want to finish my summary for literature
I try study well and know what's going on in lessons.
I did pretty well today

Lol im obsessed with studying

Later I want to watch Onepiece

And tomorrow I'm going shopping yay!!!
Finally it's my payday
Then it's weekend in Tallinn again
Can't wait!

But first of all i'll take a nap

Aug 13 10 - gyaru [gyaru]
super gals
Sorry for spamming everyone but..


Me before and now
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